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Children's Sport Games cup "DRUZHBA" 2014


                      Guide to entry


                                  UZHHOROD, UKRAINE 1-4 MAY 2014

Date of competition

Wednesday 30th and Friday 3th May 2014


Timeline for Participation :

Thu  2nd January    2014   -           Invitations  participating Cities

Thu  2nd February   2014   -          Confirmation of participation

Sat   1nd March                   -           Provide a list of  Team



 Thu 30 April -   Arrival day

  Fri  01 May  – Opening Ceremony
Competition : 100m, 400m,  1500m, long jump, shot put.                                    

  Sat  02 May – Competition : 200m, 800m, high jump , javelin,
                         race walking 3 km.
 Relay  100m+200m+300m+400m

                    Cultural programme

 Sun 03 May –  Departure day

Accommodation :

Each team is responsible for the travelling expenses, accommodation and food costs. The Head of delegation, coach and  all participants will in hotel accommodation.

The approximate amount: 25 Euro per person per day


Venue: Stadium “Avangard” I. Franra  street 1, Uzhhorod

The stadium has a 8 lane 400m synthetic (Ficpol ) track .


The competition will be conducted according to the rules of the IAAF and the ICG. ICG rules relating to Athletics are stipulated in this document



·         Each City team consists : 1 Head of delegation  and 2 coaches.

·         Each city may register a maximum number of 10 girls and 10 boys and a minimum of 3 girls and 3 boys.

·         From each team is allowed unlimited number of participants to event.

·         Each participant may compete in 3 disciplines, including the Relay.

·         Personal best performance from each athlete will be required during registration for seeding purposes.


Uniforms: Each athlete must wear the uniform of their appropriate city.

Competition Numbers will be given to Team Managers/Coaches, who will be responsible for issuing both numbers to all athletes within their team. The competition numbers must be worn firmly attached to the front and the back of the uniform with not less than four (4) pins so that the entire number and logo can be easily seen. No part of the number can be folded..


If an athlete fails to scratch from an event after confirmation, s/he may not be permitted to compete in any other event in the Games including relays (See IAAF Rule 142.4)


Call room:


There will be a call room in operation. This is located in the marquee adjacent 100 m start.  ALL athletes must report to the call room on time with their competition numbers attached to their uniform.


In the Call Room athletes will be expected to demonstrate that their competition uniform, singlet and numbers, shoes and other equipment comply with the competition rules. Please do not take unnecessary items into the call room like mobile phones, ipods etc as they will be confiscated.


Athletes will proceed to the start of their event from the Call Room ACCOMPANIED BY A CALL ROOM JUDGE OR FIELD EVENT OFFICIAL. Athletes who proceed to the event not accompanied by a judge or official may not be allowed to start.


The closing Call Entry Times at the CALL ROOM are (prior to scheduled event starting times):


Jumping and throwing events: first call 40 min,  second call: 30 min

Running events: first call 30 min, second call: 20 min.


This time allows for marshalling and movements to the competition site. The remainder of the time may be used to complete the warm-up at the competition site where the competition site is not in use (under the supervision of the officials).


If an athlete is already, or is likely to be, competing in another event at the designated call time, the athlete or his/her team official must notify the Call Room of this circumstance prior to the designated call time.


Athletes who will fail to be at the call room on time, will be suspended!!!


Warm up athletes may warm-up in the warming areas  ( Rehupol and grass) track.


Training: The  “Avangard” stadium  will be open for training purposes for all athletes on Thursday 1th May  from 2 pm to 6:00 pm.


Starting Blocks must be used by all athletes in the 100m, 200m, 400m and relay. These will be supplied by the venue. No private blocks will be permitted.


False Starts:  Any athlete responsible for a false start shall be disqualified      (IAAF Rule 162.7).


Spikes in shoes for track events must be 5mm maximum and should be pyramid or needle type. For field events spike lengths shall not exceed 5mm except in the high jump where they shall not exceed 9mm.




100 m, 200 m:

Qualification: 8   fastest runners will progress to the A final.

                      8   the second eight fastest runners will progress to the B final



400 m, 800 m, 1500 m :

Conducted the final races. The winner is determined by the best time.



Qualification standard: Girls 5.00m Boys 5.80m


Qualification: each athlete has three attempts. All competitors who reach or exceed the qualification standard will progress to the final. If less than 12 athletes reach the qualification standard, the 12 best performances of qualification groups will progress to the final.


Final: the best 8 athletes after three attempts will have three further attempts



Final competition.


The height progressions

Girls 1.40, 1.45, 1.50, 1.55 ,+3 cm

Boys 1.55, 1.60, 1.65, 1.70, 1.75, +3cm



The Shot Weights are:

            Boys: 5 kg 

            Girls:  3 kg

FINAL competitions.

Shots will be provided by the organisers. For athletes wishing to use their own shot, the implement must be lodged with the Technical Manager at the equipment room by 11:00 am on the day of competition in which your event is to be held. The implements will be impounded until after the competition when athletes may collect them from the equipment room. Any competitor may use all implements in the pool.

Each athlete has three attempts, then the best 8 athletes after three attempts will have three further attempts.




The javelin  Weights are:

            Boys: 700 g 

            Girls:  600 g

Final competition.

Each athlete has 3 attempts, then the best 8 athletes after 3 attempts will have three further attempts



Final competition.


 RELAY 100m + 200m + 300m + 400 m:

 Final races




Any disputes will be resolved in compliance with IAAF rules. Any disputes will be heard by the Protest Committee.


Protests must be lodged initially with the Referee at the event as per IAAF rules. Appeals to the Jury are to be made in writing, signed by a responsible official on behalf of the athlete and submitted within 30 minutes after the official announcement of the decision made by the referee and lodged with a deposit of USD 50, not returned if the protest is



Presentation of Medals

The following Medals will be awarded:

Gold  – For individuals and relay teams ranking first place in the competition

Silver – For individuals and relay teams ranking second place in the competition

Bronze – For individuals and relay teams ranking third place in the competition

Medals will only be awarded to the first three athletes/teams in ‘A’ Finals.

Medal presentations will be made at designated times as per the timetable. Athletes must wear their competition uniform or team tracksuit for the ceremony. Team managers/coaches are requested to assist in ensuring athletes are readily available and correctly dressed.



A First Aid Service will be available on site.


Technical Meeting

The Athletics Technical Meeting will be held on
Thursday 1th May   5.00 p.m.   Stadium “Avangard” I. Franra  street 1, Uzhhorod

Coaches/Team Managers will be given all the information, competition numbers and starting lists.

All cancellations and athlete changes must be declared at this Technical meeting.

The IAAF website www.iaaf.org provides a copy of the latest IAAF Constitution, Laws and Regulations for competition.




      Tel. mob. +38 0509773619

      e-mail:   Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів, Вам потрібно включити JavaScript для перегляду








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